Amber Ontiveros

Your Roadmap to Transformation

In a time of extreme division and violence, the quality of our relationships is more crucial than ever. It’s easy to lose hope, yet there are other ways to help.

It starts with understanding the wounds we all share, and how they hold the key to healing.

Heal the Four Woundings: A Guide to End Discord and Discrimination is not just a book; it’s a roadmap to transformation.

  • Need a fresh approach to confronting oppression?
  • Want to gain control over your reactions and triggers?
  • Want to feel empowered around difficult people?
  • Need a better strategy for being heard?


Heal the Four Woundings: A Guide to End Discord and Discrimination offers a framework to shift your response and approach to difficult people.

  • Process Negative Feelings
  • Understand Their True Message
  • Respond to People Differently
  • Forge New Ground in Relationships
  • Become a Force for Social Change



Get your FREE copy of chapter one, where Amber explains her near death experience and what it taught her about our purpose as humans.

Who is this book for?

It’s for all who seek a path beyond conflict and division—leaders, teachers, healers, and every individual, regardless of privilege, spirituality, or politics.

  • Be calm and articulate when you need it most.
  • Be able to disarm people who cause harm.
  • Be a role model for impactful communication.
  • Be a leader who knows how to spark change.
  • Be the best version of yourself.


When you heal the four woundings, your potential will be activated.

Meet the Author!

Amber Ontiveros, is a longtime advocate for civil rights. She served as an advisor in the US Department of Transportation during both the Bush and Obama administrations, and today, her firm, Ontiveros and Associates, specializes in change management, policy development, and coalition building.

“This book is a beacon of hope for every advocate!”

“A potent set of tools for anyone who wants a brighter future.”

“A path to unearth your serenity, a shift to take back your power.”


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